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With default 32 GB memory storage, downloading loads of games from the Nintendo eShop is just a mission impossible.


No need to say that just The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would take up 13.4 GB of storage space if it is downloaded to the Nintendo Switch.

With so many games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future, finding a high capacity microSD card to store your digital downloads becomes necessary.

Thankfully, Nintendo has made it easy to boost the portable system’s storage using Micro SD cards, and they are also planning to offer their own sd cards.
However,  the prices for these cards are just quite high.

So would it possible to find alternative MicroSD card brands to provide the same performance and storage? Well,  the answer is yes.

To help you save your time and money, we have made the best sd cards reviews for you.

Best Nintendo Switch SD Cards

In order to decide on the best alternative storage, consider:

  • Storage space.
  • Budget constraints.
  • Reliability.
  • Read and write speed class.
  • Compatibility with your device.

After an extensive research and analysis, we have 3 brands that we recommend for increasing the Nintendo switch storage.

SD card NameSize(GB)R/W Speed(MB/s)G/$(approximately) 
Samsung 128GB Evo Select128100/902.85 Check On Amazon
SanDisk ultra 200GB microSD20090/802.60 Check On Amazon
Kingston Digital 64GB6490/101.85 Check On Amazon

1. Samsung 128GB 80MB/s Evo Select – A fast cost-effective micro SD

For any microSD, the storage size and read performance are the key aspects.Samsung 128GB 80MB/s Evo Select

This micro SD brand from Samsung exists in sizes from 32GB to 256GB storage card. During the selection of an optional storage of your switch, consider the maximum read speed of a microSD. This is because when playing games with higher capacity, the Nintendo Switch reads from the SD card. If the microSD read speed is low, the game boot time is increased. This storage card should provide an ample storage space with a pocket-friendly price. You may be wondering, why the 128GB version? The micro SD sells at an average fair price of $* compared to $* for the 256GB version. Consisting of a UHS-I technology, this device has a transfer rate of up to 80MB/s and a read speed of up to 20MB/s that provides fast performance. This capability ensures full HD recording, efficient gaming, and high picture resolution. It is capable of maintaining a fluent speed of 10MB/s writing speed when saving

your games.

Manufactured by Samsung Electronic DAV, the device is solid with capabilities of being magnetic-proof, water, and temperature resistant hence their survival period prolonged. These cards are purchased with a guaranteed 10-year warranty and are a cheaper alternative to the expensive SanDisk’s.

Overall the Samsung 128GB Evo Select is a viable storage option for gamers interested in purchasing high-performance SD cards for their Nintendo Switch. With an average load time of 9.9s, it guarantees the ultimate gaming experience.

  • pocket friendly
  • fast performance
  • appropriate storage size
  • Recovery software not included

2. SanDisk ultra 200GB microSD – The Superfast microSD

SanDisk Corporation has gained top ranking in the industry of storage cards with its impeccable brands.

Known for their pricing range and brand, we introduce their class 10 storage disk operating under the new UHS-I technology. It comes as the super-fast microSD present in the industry. This model maintains a 9.8s game boot time, which is 0.1s faster than the Samsung Evo Select. That difference in loading time provides a faster game playback and high-performance rate. The SanDisk exists in sizes of 8GB to the 256GB monster SD card. However, we would recommend purchasing at least a 128GB card since it provides a realistic option to your switch, ensuring a powerful boost in memory storage.

With its reputation, the price for this model is fair compared to the Samsung Evo Select. SanDisk ultra-micro SD guarantees a continuous write speed of 10MB/s when saving your games. With a maximum transfer rate of 90MB/s and 21.2MB/s write speed, it provides ultimate performance. They are solidly built for water resistance, shock resistance, and temperature proof. They are purchased with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

In conclusion, this beastly micro SD card is exactly the best choice for ensuring super-fast load times with minimal cost expenses. We can proudly say the SanDisk ultra is the market leader in terms of performance experience.

  • super fast performance
  • ample storage size
  • famous brand
  • somehow expensive, although the best that money can buy

3. Kingston Digital 64GB – The reliable and pocket-friendly micro SD

When it comes to purchasing Nintendo Switch SD cards, some of us will prefer cheap storage cards to the expensive models.

Kingston Digital 64GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-I 45MB/s Read Card with SD Adapter (SDC10G2/64GB)

For those under extreme budget constraints, this micro SD brand from Kingston Corporation has a tested reliable memory storage and performance rate. It provides an ample and versatile way to upgrade the Nintendo Switch storage. The Kingston micro SD has enhanced digital lifestyle by introducing higher speed capabilities. Having full compliance with specifications from the SD Association, it is guaranteed to archive large data with its sizes ranging from 16GB to 64GB. It comes with an average transfer speed of 90MB/s and a minimum writes speed of 10MB/s. This model ensures a 9.8s game boot time, which equals the SanDisk ultra and overpowers the Samsung Evo Select with 0.1s.

Kingston Digital micro SD is built to withstand temperatures, vibrations, shock and water damages. Its compatibility with multiple SDXC devices is good and comes with a write-protect switch.

In conclusion, this micro SD is the ultimate choice for gamers under a tight budget but still in need of great performance experience.

  • pocket friendly
  • just enough storage

  • not super good performance


You need a fast and cost-effective micro SD with a prominent brand name

Samsung 128GB Evo Select

You need a super fast micro SD card at an affordable market price.

SanDisk Ultra card

You are under tight budget without under looking the performance rates

Kingston Digital SD

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