Lexar 633x is a brand of Lexar Media Company in the United States.The reputational brand micro SD: Lexar 633x 200GB

These micro SD cards come with sizes ranging from a mere 16GB to a monster 256GB card. This 200GB micro SD provides ample storage while retaining its value, quality, and reputation.

Simply, it provides a premium solution to memory storage. With increasing demand for faster cards with better functionality, this card comes with the high UHS-I performance technology microSDXC capable of storing and playing quality videos. This micro SD is expensive compared to its competitor the SanDisk Ultra.

It has a maximum transfer speed of 95MB/s and 20MB/s write speed. With a game boot time of 10.1s, it is overpowered by the Kingston Digital 64GB and the SanDisk ultra with 0.3s and the Samsung Evo Select with 0.2s load time.

When considering purchasing the Lexar 633X, its reading speed should be top of your list. Its performance is highly validated to eliminate stuttering effects and allow smooth playback to users.

This capability provides an average of 17hours of video playback. The quality, reliability, and compatibility are the key to its ultimate experience.

Overall, the Lexar 633x is ideal for gamers under high budget, who need large storage space compared to higher performance rate.