The Nintendo switch has made headlines since its official launch.BEST NINTENDO SWITCH CASES
It’s an excellent gaming device to bring with you.However, the Nintendo switch is not as sturdy compared to 3Ds.

In order to effectively protect your valuable device, probably a nice and classy Nintendo switch case is a go-to option. These cases protect not only your console but also enables portability of your required game cartridges and other accessories.

Protection needed for gaming consoles exists in various flavors. Some gamers overlook protection of their device’s appearance while for some, safety during transit is key. By investing in the best and highly rated cases in the market, your gaming console will have ultimate protection.


Before going further, here is a table for quick compare.

Switch Case Namegame cartridgesmicro SD slots 
Butterfox Nintendo Switch Case
(Editor’s Choice)
192 Check On Amazon
Hori Tough Pouch Case55(shared) Check On Amazon
I-Kawachi Premium Case 88(shared) Check On Amazon
RDS Industries Inc Game Traveler Deluxe82 Check On Amazon

The right case will cut beyond limits to secure your device. So, let’s have a look at some of the top-notch cases in the industry.

1. Butterfox Nintendo Switch Case – The Super Protective

Butterfox Nintendo Switch Hard Carry Case with 19 Game Cartridge and 2 Micro SD Card Holders - BlackThis minimalist hard carrying case from Brendix Company comes as the surprise top product in the industry. At an affordable price in Amazon, this case guarantees value for your money.

It comes in three different color blends of blue, red and black. The outer cover has a fabricated texture which provides a nice look and touch. The coating is plain with only the company’s logo design embedded on the upper side.

The underside is made of raised feet-like structures to enable stability on the contact surface. Butterfox hard case is installed with a comfortable handle to enable easy portability.

The inner side of the case is a real deal when it comes to console protection. Two flaps made from soft fabric are used to eliminate the risk of scratches on the device. The lower part of the flaps comprises of the soft compartment used to hold the Nintendo switch.

To provide a firmer grip, two elastic rubber bands are placed on either side to hold down the switch firmly. The upper side of the flaps contains the zippered mesh pocket to carry additional accessories like cables.

The ButterFox Nintendo case has a problem in the size of the zippered mesh pocket. The compartment is too small to hold even an Ac adapter and additional USB cables. The Nintendo storage compartment is too tight leaving no breathing space for your device, having been made to fit the precise dimensions of the switch. The other problem is the elastic bands which tend to be too tight when manipulating around the console.”]The ButterFox Nintendo case has a problem in the size of the zippered mesh pocket. The compartment is too small to hold even an Ac adapter and additional USB cables. The Nintendo storage compartment is too tight leaving no breathing space for your device, having been made to fit the precise dimensions of the switch. The other problem is the elastic bands which tend to be too tight when manipulating around the console.

Overall it is an amazing case for minimalist gamers who love elegance. Its fabrication and soft texture give it a nice look at an affordable price.

  • Affordable.
  • Minimalist case.
  • Reasonable storage.
  • 19 game cartridges.
  • 2 micro SD slots.
  • Sturdy design structure.
  • Tight console compartment.
  • Elastic bands too tight to manipulate.
  • Top zipper pocket might not be enough for all accessories.
  • Weak mounting stand.

2. Hori Tough Pouch Case – The Market Brand

The Hori tough pouch case comes next in the list.HORI Tough Pouch (Black) for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by Nintendo

For gamers who hate this brand case, you will reconsider your stand after this review. This semi-hard case made from a quality synthetic shell ensures maximum protection of your switch. It comes with an original tag containing the official license from Nintendo. The outer cover comprises a soft material with a lot of stealth to ensure little or no fingerprint signs on the case. The company’s logo is visible on the cover of the case. The storage compartment has screen-friendly flaps that protect the screen from scratches. The upper side of the flap has two straps for storing joy-con rails and an additional space huge enough to double stack your game cartridges.

However, when the joy-con rails are installed, they press down on the screen and may cause long-term damages. The size of the storage compartment is also huge and hence the system fits snugly.

Overall it’s a recommendable case due to its affordable price and the hard-shell structure that offers ultimate protection. It provides value for your money.

  • Hard exterior to withstand falls.
  • Affordable.
  • Offers breathing space for the system.
  • High quality.
  • The loose compartment hence system not held firmly.
  • Not enough storage space for accessories.

3. I-Kawachi Premium Case  – The Premium Nintendo Switch Protective Storage Holder

This I-Kawachi premium case provides a perfect design technology to offer your device the ultimate protection.

Nintendo Switch Case Protective Storage Bag With 8 Game Holder for Nintendo Switch

This tough pouch has a great reason to be one of the best cases. It has a tough EVA exterior with a durable polyester interior design. The two materials provide a dual protection mechanism against damage by water, scratches or dust particles. With its unique leather handle, it provides an easier mode of portability. The interior storage compartment is large enough to secure the Nintendo game console and the gamepads. An extra pocket is designed for other accompanying accessories. The presence of an individual internal padded divider ensures screen and gamepad protection. With 8 ports, the gamer has enough space to store multiple game cartridges and micro SD’s.

The only problem with this case is the roomy structure of the system compartment. It causes movements of the Nintendo switch while on transit and may cause damage in the long-term.

Overall this is an excellent product for its price. The storage space is enough and the design technology is aimed at durability.

  • Applicability.
  • Durable structure.
  • Multiple card ports.
  • Excellent design.
  • Ultra slim.
  • Portability.
  • Small additional meshed pocket.
  • Roomy compartment.

4. RDS Industries Inc Game Traveler Deluxe – The Classy Travel Case

The Game Traveler Deluxe case, just like its name is a case manufactured to cater for gamers prone to traveling.

RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel CaseHaving the official license from Nintendo, this case has been made in a utilitarian way to provide easy portability of the switch. It comes in three major colors gray, blue and black. The hard shell structure of the casing ensures the case withstands rough handling while on transit. The interior has 2 game slots capable of storing 8 games, 2 micro SD card slots, and a zippered mesh to handle other accessories. A padding on the lower side of the case compartment provides protection to the screen display to prevent scratches.

In the initial purchase of this deluxe case, it comes with a strong smell which is no big deal though. The deluxe case is also a bit heavier compared to the ButterFox and Hori tough cases.

Overall it is an expensive case but suitable for gamers on frequent travel schedules. Its quality guarantees safety for your switch wherever you are.

  • Sturdy case.
  • Portable.
  • Quality protection.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • A bit heavy.
  • Flimsy zipper.
  • Not enough storage for additional accessories.

Final Verdict

You are on a tight budget and in need of super protection

the ButterFox Nintendo Switch Hard Carrying Case

You are considering a brand-name case at an affordable price and not underlooking the security of their system

the Hori Tough Pouch

You are looking for a tough product with durability as their major concern

the Nintendo Switch Protective Storage Holder

You are a traveler with a pricey and classy taste

the RDS Industries Inc Nintendo Game Traveler Deluxe Case

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