Owning a Nintendo switch, with its wide screen and the on-the-go playing options reminds you that you will need extra protection for it.

There are sleeves and hard shell cases. The choice of which to select boils down purely to personal preference. While they both offer protection for your pricey gaming screen, hard cases take up more space and are heavy.

Sleeves can be described simply as light and portable….and well? Who wouldn’t want that? They barely take any space on their own and are affordable. They offer the much-needed cushion to the screen but may need to be used with a screen protector whilst taking up no space in your backpack altogether.

If you are prone to hardcore falls, it might be acceptable to consider a hard shell case instead. The sleeves are available in many different designs and with a few adjustments such as zippers and pockets, sleeves are soon becoming all in one. Of note is that while the neoprene sleeve cases offer protection from abrasion, you might need to pair them up with a glass screen protector.

Best Nintendo Switch Sleeve Case

Before going further, here is a table for quick compare.

Product NamePositive ratio 
Snakebyte NSW Carry Bag100% Check On Amazon
Perfect PCA Soft Protective Travel Carry Case100% Check On Amazon
FastSnail Carrying Sleeve Case67% Check On Amazon

Now, let’s have a look at the top-notch recommendations in the market.

1. Snakebyte NSW Carry Bag – The All-In-One Sleeve Case

The Snakebyte NSW carry bag is a compilation of all the features that go into making an ideal sleeve case.Snakebyte NSW Carry:Bag - Carry Case for Nintendo Switch Console and Games

Its major selling point revolves around the fact that it is made of heavy neoprene material which is both durable as it is strong. The inside of the bag is fitted with firm yet soft cushioning offering a safe surface for your screen while providing all the shock absorbing effect even in falls.

For travel, Snakebyte has gone the extra mile to include a zipper compartment for your necessities including chargers ear buds and even cartridges. As if that’s not all, the zipper revolves around giving the Nintendo a snug fit while concomitantly offering protection from dust and stray keys. The light compatible nature of the bag makes it a necessity for day to day movement while allowing it to lightly fit into your carry-on when flying. There are no stray zippers and a flap exists between the zippers to ensure the uttermost safety of your screen.

Snakebyte really did think of everything. A major downside, however, is the fact that the bag is available only in one color which is more of a classic gaming color. A few challenges here and there on the proportionate sizes of the compartments but all in all this is great for beginners and people looking for a great way to carry around their gaming ensemble every day.
  • Durable
  • Soft
  • Zip compartment makes it convenient
  • The one color available may be monotonous
  • The zipped compartment may not offer much space

2. Perfect PCA Soft Protective Travel Carry Case – Extreme Minimalism

Very slim and minimalism in everything, this all black neoprene sleeve cover is one of the most interesting.Soft Protective Travel Carry Case Cover Bag Pouch Sleeve for Nintendo Switch NS NX Console

It has a rather subtle logo at the top. With this sleeve case, it is more about simply being a sleeve case. It lacks the simple additions that revolve around a zipper, it lacks a zippered compartment, in any case, extreme minimalism.

The challenge with this is that the risk of your gaming console falling out is rather high, and especially if you pick it up from the wrong end. It lacks a zippered compartment so no carrying around anything. All in all, it is rather affordable and subtly does the simple job of being a sleeve case. Its simplicity is a major selling point and all the lacks in no way speak to its inadequacy.

Despite the below cons, this is a travel case that speaks of its own quality. Its affordability is a major selling point and it is ideal for on the go gaming and even day to day storage of your Nintendo switch.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy get in and get out mechanism
  • The neoprene is every soft very little risk of scratches
  • Light
  • A rather subtle Nintendo logo
  • Lacks a pocket
  • The easy slide mechanism could drop the Nintendo switch

3. FastSnail Carrying Sleeve Case for Nintendo Switch – A Professional’s Accessory

When looking for a Switch sleeve, a few things are deal breakers,Carrying Sleeve Case for Nintendo Switch, FastSnail Nintendo Switch Soft Protective Bag Black pockets and zippers are a necessity because gamers are impulsive and they need a pair of ear buds once in a while.Durability and safety to your switch is also a feature you don’t want to compromise with. Lightness is also a great checkpoint.

The FastSnail carrying sleeve for the Nintendo switch was designed for gamers who understand the challenges of playing on the move, are versatile and know exactly what they are looking for. The joystick serves as a g0 between for you and the gaming system, a tightly fitting sleeve case will reduce the longevity of the joystick. This carrying sleeve has been measured to the last detail to ensure it’s neither too tight nor too snug. The material neoprene has been made extensively padded but with a breathable inner foam to deal with the redundant challenge of overheating especially in summer. It also adds a rather interesting water proof feature which is an extra detail.

With this sleeve, you can carry your switch around and in any event, even use it as home storage.

The FastSnail is indeed one of a kind. One of the most remarkable things about it is the fact that it is affordable. Ideal for first-time owners or die-hard gamers who totally want to upgrade or are simply looking for a light travel sleeve. This is indeed the one. In case you get caught in the rain, the moisture resistant cover has you covered.

  • Affordable and worth the price
  • Offers all round protection
  • Is ideal for traveling and walking around
  • Elegant
  • Soft to the switch
  • Lacks a zippered pocket


Each of this sleeve offers varied features which all add up to an ideal Nintendo switch sleeve.The difference between each of them for you as an individual will boil down to your own personal preference and the kind of importance you attach to zippers.Pockets are ideal but may not be of paramount importance if you plan on placing the sleeve inside a bigger bag anyway.

For gamers who want a durable bag and with a high budget:

The Snakebyte NSW Carry Bag

For the ultimate gamers who prefer minimalism and an affordable price:

The Perfect PCA Soft Protective Travel Carry Case

For gamers who with a low budget but cares about quality:

The FastSnail Carrying Sleeve Case for Nintendo Switch 

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