The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that’s meant to be on the go. You can easily play the system from the comfort of your living room, but the real fun begins when you get together with friends or family in pretty much any location to play your favorite games together.

Since one of the best features of the Switch is its portability, it’s a great idea to pick up a stand to go with your system. But which Nintendo Switch stand is best? Today we’re going to answer that question for you so that you can find the best Nintendo Switch stand to meet your gaming needs! Let’s get going and review the best Nintendo Switch stands that are currently available so you don’t have to spend hours doing your own research.

1. The Nulaxy Aluminum Stand – Compact and Elegant

Without a doubt, the Nulaxy Nintendo Switch stand is a crowd pleaser with its portable design,The Nulaxy Aluminum Standadjustable angles, anti-slip construction, and durability. It’s so durable that it’s actually made out of aerospace aluminum. But don’t worry – the silicone anti-slip pad makes it safe for you to put on any surface without having to worry about scratching tables, desks, glass, or other sensitive surfaces. It even has little feet on it to ensure your surfaces are protected! It’s hard to find a product that will stand the test of time better than the Nulaxy Aluminum stand, which is why we can easily rate it one of the best Nintendo Switch stands. And let’s not forget, while function is important, the Nulaxy’s artistic design makes it an eye catcher even if it’s just sitting around your house.

The stand comes in various colors such as black and silver, so it can flow with whatever your personal style tends to be. As with other stands, the Nulaxy can hold your Switch and charge it at the same time, which means there’s few limitation on where you can play. You can also adjust the height, making it perfect for both kids and adults.

The only minor downside to the Nulaxy is the stand’s price, which tends to run a few dollars more than other brands. Even so, we still consider it one of the best stands regardless of the price tag due to its durability and numerous features.

Our conclusion is simple – the Nulaxy Nintendo Switch stand is packed full of powerful features; has a beautiful design, is extremely portable and is extremely durable. You can also use the stand for other devices such as tablets and phones, making it a great investment for all of your tech gear!

2. The HOTOR Compact Play Stand – Smooth and Accurate

Next up is our review of the HOTOR Compact Play Stand.The HOTOR Compact Play StandThe first thing that stands out about the HOTOR is how much care went into the precision of its design. The cutouts were not only designed to make sure that your device fits perfectly, but it was also designed to take care of cable management. When you’re playing your Switch on the go, the last thing you need is to be worrying about cables getting in your way! This feature in itself makes the HOTOR one of the best Nintendo Switch stands available.

Cable management isn’t the only great feature of this stand. If you want to make sure you have a choice of colors, this stand is perfect as it comes in many! It comes in black, silver, multi-angle black, rose gold, multi-angle silver, and multi-angle rose gold. Another awesome feature is its ability to adjust to any angle, making your playing experience ergonomic and easy. The HOTOR is made out of aluminum, making it durable, while also providing an eye-catching sheen that will definitely get your stand noticed. The stand adjusts from 4 to 10 inches, making it the perfect universal stand for all devices when you’re not using it for your Switch, though we suspect that you’ll never want to take your Switch out of it since it’s so beautiful and packed full of features! From the price perspective, the HOTOR Switch stand is very budget friendly for most colors.

There are a couple of negatives of the HOTOR stand when compared with the Nulaxy, which include no padding on the bottom, a short base and the stand can become a little wobbly. Due to this, devices or surfaces may get a little scratched.

Our HOTOR stand conclusion – one of the best stands for the Nintendo Switch with a couple of minor drawbacks. If you’re looking for a good stand on a budget, this is a great choice. Just know that it lacks the silicone protection that other stands have in order to protect surfaces and devices.

3. The Hori Stand – Stable and Chargeable While Playing

Next up for our review is the Hori Stand for the Nintendo Switch.The Hori StandThe Hori is a compact stand and it’s officially licensed by Nintendo. What stands out about the Hori right away is its rugged design. You don’t even have to put your switch in it before you realize how sturdy and durable it is. Remember, when looking for a stand for your Switch, its portability should be a top feature that you’re looking for since you’re going to be playing on the go. The Hori stand folds up making it super compact, which is one of the reasons why we rate it one of the best Nintendo Switch stands.

Another top feature of the Hori stand is its rubberized grips. When you’re playing, you don’t want to worry about your stand slipping around, which definitely will not be an issue here! Not only will it not slip, but the rubberized grips will also ensure that your hands are comfortable while you’re playing. You won’t ever have to worry about backing out of a game due to tired hands when using this stand. As with other Switch stands, the Hori allows you to charge while you’re playing and does a pretty good job at cable management as well. You can raise the height of the stand to meet your preferences, which adds to your playing comfort level. Price wise, the Hori comes in less than the Nulaxy in most cases, but a few dollars more than the HOTOR.

A slight negative with the Hori stand is that while it’s stable and durable, there’s no true locking mechanism, which may make the player feel like the stand is not locked into place. However, even without the locking mechanism, your device will stay secure and there aren’t any issues with the stand staying secure on the surface that you’re playing on, still making it one of the best Nintendo Switch stands.

Our Hori conclusion – a dependable stand with a lifetime warranty and an affordable price tag. The lack of locking mechanism and sound is a minor flaw in this stand, and should not hold you back from purchasing one the best Switch stands on the market.


The Nulaxy, HOTOR and Hori Nintendo Switch stands are all reasonably priced, compact, portable, and will easily provide you with multi-angled views when you’re playing your games at home or on the go!

The Nulaxy stands out in the crowd due to its rugged construction and the extra care taken to ensure that the stand does not scratch surfaces or devices.

However, both the HOTOR and the Hori stands are also great investments and rank very highly in our opinion when it comes to which stands are best for the Nintendo Switch.

Order one of these great stands today and play on!

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