The Nintendo Switch is a classy gaming device that offers great gaming experience.Nintendo Switch - Joy-Con Charging GripMultiple companies have come up to provide innovations and sleek accessories to help you pimp your Nintendo gaming console to enhance the functionality.

The joy-cons are the primary gaming controllers utilized by the console to execute actions.

The Nintendo joy-con charging grip is an officially licensed product by the Nintendo Company. It is tested for quality and performance rates. Picking up the powering grip provides a lot of advantage to the users who game for long hours.

Some of the factors why you need this charging grip include:

Ability to charge while playing

Joy-Con Charging GripThe joy-con grip has been designed to charge the controllers while still on a gaming session providing the flexibility
of not killing the gaming fun. This aspect is essential for gamers in docked Tv configuration. Due to the use of a fast charging type-C port, the controllers can attain full charge in a short time.

Quality and comfort

Nintendo console joy-con charging grip has a similar design to theofficial nintendo seal logo Nintendo joy-con grip.However, the Nintendo charging grip can power up the joy-cons in addition to holding them in place. The grip has a subtle change having a design with a nicer feel and premium texture. Due to the enhanced design, the grip is very comfortable to use for long hours. It has been designed with a slightly heavier material to ensure quality and durability. The charging grip has a robust design hence does not produce creaking sounds when gaming.


Connection cables

USB A to CThe Nintendo console charging grip uses short USB A and C cables to power up the joy-cons. It has a design capability of being swapped with any USB A to C. The grip can only charge while plugged into an energy source since it does not harbor an internal storage battery. However, the short design of the charging cables can be inconvenient when you want to play while charging the controllers easily.


Overall the Nintendo gaming console charging grip is a perfect accessory to include to your Nintendo switch to provide the gaming thrills. It is highly efficient for multi-player aspects in joy-con controllers compared to the single player aspect of pro-controllers. With an affordable price, this charging grip will provide classic gaming moments without power outages.


  • Lightweight.
  • It has an excellent grip.
  • It uses USB A and C.
  • It enables charging while still gaming.
  • It is very portable.
  • It has no storage battery.
  • It can only charge while connected to live power source.
  • It has very short USB cables.
  • Expensive.


Acquiring multiple charging options for your device is essential.

The joy-con charging grip provides intense gaming for hardcore gamers without fear of power interruption.

For gamers who are interested in the convenient and efficient mode of re-charging the gaming console controllers without minding the high price, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip is the real deal. It is ideal to invest in your Switch and pimp it up to enhance the feel.

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