This Lx series is manufactured by the Patriot Company.

It comprises of an SD adapter used to connect to other SD host devices and comes with sizes ranging from 8GB up to 256GB. Having a transfer rate of 80MB/s and a write speed of 20MB/s, it provides faster performance. However, with a boot time of 13s, it is slower in loading time compared to its competitors. It has a purchased warranty of 5 years. It has a compatibility with the microSDXC and the microSDHC running host devices. This model overrides other micro SD cards in its read and writes speed capabilities. In random large data transfers, the Patriot Lx is a leader, outperforming most models in the market. =-

Overall the PATRIOT Lx is pricey and suitable for anyone going for large storage and without considering load time. It provides reasonable read and write speed but not compared to the beastly SanDisk Ultra.